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Weekly analysis

UK Brent Oil Forecast (July 20-24)

Daily chart analysis
The MACD for UK Brent Oil on the daily chart is a confirmation for uptrend in medium term. There is a possibility for the price to reach 63.12, in order to form a geometrical shape.

UK Brent Oil Forecast page 001

4 hour chart analysis
At this moment, the price for Brent Oil is in range on H4 chart. If the price breaks 59.29, this will be a confirmation that the Brent Oil will go up to 63.4 hour

AUD/USD Forecast (July 13-17)

Daily chart analysis
According to the daily chart, AUD/USD is still in downtrend. The MACD is into negative teritory and the market price is under EMA 14. The support is at 0.7360 and then the next support is at 0.7285. This last price can indicate oversold level.

AUDUSDdaily page 001 1

H8 chart analysis
At this moment price is stuck in a tight range, according to the H8 chart. The RSI 40 indicates downtrend correlated with the daily chart.AUDUSD8hour page 001

GBP/USD Forecast (July 6 - July 11)

Weekly chart analysis
According to the weekly chart, the top at 1.5933 level has been confirmed for the next few weeks. There is a high probability that this pair to fall below 1.55. So, GBP/USD will be in downtrend for the next weeks.

GBPUSDweekly.png page 001 1 1Daily chart analysis

According to MACD on the daily chart, this pair is in downtrend until at least 50% Fibo level. Even if GBP/USD rises for short term, in medium term can go around 1.5268.

GBPUSDdaily page 001 1 1

EUR/USD Forecast ( June 15-19)

Daily chart analysis
According to the MACD on the daily chart, EUR/USD pair can fall in medium-long term at 1.10 level. If EUR/USD price will rise above 1.1270, it can go up to 1.15 in order to form there a triangle.

EURUSDdaily page 001

4 hour chart analysis
The EUR/USD pair is still in a tight range on the 4 hour chart. If this pair breaks out 1.1157 level, the next target will be 1.10. If EUR/USD breaks out 1.1320 level, the next target will be 1.15 level. The RSI indicator which is bellow 50 confirms the downtrend for this pair.

EURUSD4h page 001

USD/JPY Forecast (June 8-12)

Weekly chart analysis

The weekly chart indicates that USD/JPY price will go up to 133 level for closing the gap formed in 2002. Also the MACD  confirms an uptrend in the next months. In our opinion, a good strategy for long term would be to buy this pair until at least 133 level.

USDJPY weekly page 001 1

 Daily chart analysis

The price on daily chart is still above EMA 55 and this is a confirmation for uptrend in medium term. Even if in short term can be a small retracement, in medium term this pair is still in uptrend. The uptrend is confirmed also by the positive MACD.

USDJPYdaily page 001 1 1


AUD/USD Forecast (June 1-5)

8-hour chart analysis

This pair might enter soon in a retracement around 0.7625 level, according to MACD on 8-hour chart.The price level for AUD/USD might rise around 0.7890 where is Fibo 50%.

AUD8hour page 001 1

4-hour chart analysis
According to 4-hour chart, RSI indicator need to rise above 50 in order to see an uptrend in near term for this pair.

AUD4hour page 001



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