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Global Stocks/Shares Portfolio, Q4 2023

This information is only for educational purposes. These information does not contain investment advice or investment recommendation, or an offer or solicitation for a transaction in any financial instrument. We have built a portfolio of 25 companies with $10000. Our goal is to educate people how to invest smart in their future. We will publish the new updates every quarter of the year. With this portfolio, we are trying to educate investors on how to correctly approach a long-term investment. The portfolio is composed of our own valuation and risk methods. For detailed information about the methods, you can contact us to provide you with the necessary education to understand the long-term investment strategy. Portfolio contains 60% stocks 40% Etfs. Were allocated $5441, i.e 52.58%. $5441 (52.58%) increased the portfolio by $307 (5.64%). Return on the amount in just 6 months on total equity it is 2.95%. Below you have investment in last quarter of 2023. I sold Schlumberger (SLB) and take $5.91 profit from $200 investment. I bought ENEL; Posche AG; Telefonica SA; Volkswagen AG; Lufthansa AG; HSBC Plc; Halliburton; BNP Paribas; SEB Sweden; Totalenergies; Seagate; United Airlines; American Airlines; Snapchat; Verizon; ING; Mercedes Benz; Carrefour; British American Tobacco Plc.


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