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Global ETF Stocks/Shares Portfolio, Q1 2024

The portfolio serves as an educational tool for investors or students to understand investment principles such as diversification, asset allocation, risk management, and the importance of a long-term approach to investing. Initial Allocation in Q1 2004: In the first quarter of 2004, $25,274 was allocated from a total equity portfolio of $55,088. This represents approximately 45.51% of the total equity portfolio. Growth and Return: Over the subsequent 9 months, the investments made in the portfolio yielded a growth of 20.13% and a total return on equity of 9.23%. Table Analysis: The table likely provides details of the investments made during the first quarter, including the amount invested in each asset and any marked profits. Analyzing this table can provide insights into which investments were successful and contributed to the overall growth and return of the portfolio. Portfolio Composition: It's essential to analyze the composition of the portfolio to understand the distribution of investments across different asset classes or sectors. This can help in identifying any patterns or areas of strength/weakness in the portfolio. Performance Evaluation: With the provided growth and return figures, it's crucial to evaluate the performance of the portfolio relative to relevant benchmarks or market indices. This evaluation can help determine whether the portfolio outperformed or underperformed the market during the specified period. Risk Management: Assessing the risk exposure of the portfolio is important, considering factors such as diversification, volatility, and correlation among assets. Understanding the risk profile can help in optimizing the portfolio for better risk-adjusted returns. Future Strategy: Based on the analysis of past performance and portfolio composition, it's necessary to formulate a future strategy. This may involve rebalancing the portfolio, adjusting asset allocations, or incorporating new investment opportunities to enhance returns and manage risk effectively. Educational Insights: This portfolio's educational aspect provides an opportunity to learn about various investment strategies, asset classes, risk management techniques, and the importance of portfolio diversification. Students or investors can gain practical insights into portfolio management principles through real-world examples and experiences. In summary, by analyzing the initial allocation, subsequent growth, return figures, and investment details provided in the table, one can derive valuable insights into portfolio performance, composition, risk, and future strategy, making it a rich learning experience in portfolio management and investment analysis.


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