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Global Equities

7.75% profit on Beyond Meat in our uptrend view

Beyond Meat Inc 2EXIT

Beyond Meat says it has signed a deal to open a production facility near the business hub of Shanghai, as it ramps up its focus on the rapidly growing Chinese market.

Beyond Meat Inc 20200722 16.38

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3.9% profit on Henkel AG in our uptrend view

Henkel AG EXIT

Henkel accelerates climate action and renewable energy usage
Large-scale virtual power purchase agreement to cover 100 percent of Henkel's electricity demand in the US, Henkel has signed a large-scale virtual power purchase agreement (VPPA) relating to a new wind farm in Bee County, Texas. The agreed capacity equals 100 percent of the electricity demand of Henkel's operations in the US, which comprise more than 30 production sites across the country.

Henkel AG Co KGaA 20200814 16.37

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